Sharing Stories of Why We Walk for the Hungery

Hunger Advocacy



Each of us as a reason for walking to support the work of the CROP Hunger Walks.  Perhaps one of the reasons that hunger and poverty are allowed to persist is that the personal stories which would help us all to understand the challenges and complexities of living with the uncertainty of poverty remain hidden from public view. We know that with a feeling of shame, anxiety or desperation people who are without food seek assistance with obtaining food.

One of these stories was recorded in 2010 by Gy and Sylvia.  While it was recorded 4 years ago, it is just as timely today as they continue to work on the CROP Hunger Walk.

We plan on sharing stories from people who walk in the CROP Hunger Walk and the Local Agencies that help feed the hungry.

You can always go to our website where we have a link to the stories which we will be producing in the coming weeks.

Thank you for listening and thank you for caring.



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