Local Agency We Support

Prevail Web

With 14 days until the CROP Hunger Walk we add another one of the agencies we support in this area.  The Prevail overview of what they do is outlined on their website as follows:


Prevail provides emergency assistance and referrals to individuals and families in times of financial crisis and struggle, addressing immediate basic needs and laying the groundwork for future stability. Prevail’s dedicated and compassionate volunteers are advocates for our clients, helping them to plan, restore and recover stability in their lives.

“The work we do is more important than ever as witnessed by the growing number of new clients who visit our center each week. Unemployment remains high and economic conditions are tough. People living paycheck to paycheck is more the norm than the exception. Many in our communities live dangerously close to a financial breaking point.”  Cristy Harris, Executive Director

Prevail’s vision is a community where anyone can achieve financial security with dignity. We strive to help all individuals and families at risk of losing housing or other vital basic necessities by assisting with emergency food, clothing, shelter, transitional and permanent housing and lots of emotional support. We believe our clients are best served in a collaborative agency structure that addresses the immediate crisis and helps stabilize the future.

Won’t you join us as we join them in providing vital basic necessities?

Walk May 3, 2015, sign up now and donate.

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