Make Your Voice Heard

Closeup photograph of  little cute girl biting apple

Closeup photograph of little cute girl biting apple

I called my representatives in Congress to support ‪#‎CNR2015‬ Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act.

On September 30, 2015, the federal law that funds and guides most children’s meal programs expired. There is news that the Senate Agriculture Committee is making progress on the Child Nutrition Reauthorization. But, we must encourage Congress to keep the renewal process moving forward to ensure more children have the nutritious food they need.

You can help by joining the Feeding America national call-in day on October 26. Calling Congress is easy. Here’s how:

1. Dial (888) 398-8702 and listen to the pre-recorded message.

2. Connect to your first senator and enter your zip code. (After you’re done, be sure to call back and speak to your other senator and representative.)

3. Once you are connected to your first Member of Congress, state that you are a constituent and give your name and the town you are calling from.

3. Let the office know you are calling about Child Nutrition Reauthorization and deliver this important message:

“I am your constituent and a supporter of the Greater Chicago Food Depository, and I’m calling about the Child Nutrition Reauthorization. Time is running out to pass a strong child nutrition bill. Too many kids in our community are not getting the nutritious food they need, and Congress can’t let the opportunity to improve these programs go by. These programs have a history of strong bi-partisan support. I urge you to pass a strong child nutrition bill this year that strengthens these programs so children have the fuel they need to grow up healthy and succeed.”

4. Once you’re done, spread the word! Use hashtag #CNR2015 on social media to raise awareness.

Make your voice heard.

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