Local Recipient Agency Housing Forward

Housing Forward is one of the 10 agencies that our 36th annual Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk raises funds for.  Their important work in our community can be described in many words but a video, see below, gives you the depth of commitment of this agency to help people here in our community.


Since 1992 they have been providing not only help with housing as well as treating the whole person and their family on issues of health, schooling, etc. Their staff uses their skills and compassion to see the person and their situation to help them.  Just recently they have started an initiative called Sojourn House to help bridge homelessness and stable housing. It provides temporary housing needs here in our community.

There are other services they provide the individual and/or their family. We are thankful they are in our community helping people in need.

We ask you to join us Sunday, May 5, 2019 for our walk to raise money and awareness for Housing Forward and the other 9 agencies we donate to.


9 Local Agencies That Make a Difference

As we near our 34th annual Hunger Walkathon West CROP Walk it is important to acknowledge the work that these agencies do in our communities of Oak Park, Austin, Forest Park, Maywood, Melrose Park and River Forest.

Each of them in their own way impacts the people in their communities. We are lifted by their dedication and giving.

Expressing this in words is sometimes difficult but this video by the OPRF Food Pantry explains the mission.

We salute them:

Cluster Tutoring
First Baptist Church Food Pantry
Forest Park Food Pantry
Housing Forward
OPRF Food Pantry
Pine Avenue Food Pantry
Proviso Food Pantry
St. Eulalia Quinn Center Food Pantry
Vision of Restoration

Join us this Sunday, May 7, 2017 Signup today

Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah

To all our supporters, volunteers and everyone involved in the issue of hunger we wish you a very Merry Christmas & Happy Chanukah as well as other celebrations of faith and spirituality.

The agencies we supported in 2016 continue to do the work in helping feed the hungry and assisting them in ways that making this time of year meaningful to them.

We celebrate the work of the agencies we donated money to this year with your help.

Continue to look at ways to support their work and ours:

We have already started on our plans and efforts for the 2017 walk, Sunday, May 7, 2017.

Consider volunteering and/or forming a team to making 2017 our biggest effort and success yet.

With thanks,

Hunger Walkathon West Planning Committee



7 Local Agencies We Walk For

7 Local Agencies

This Sunday at 2 p.m. we start the 33rd annual CROP Hunger Walk in the communities of Oak Park, Forest Park, River Forest and the Austin neighborhood in Chicago.

The walk, which raises money and awareness, on the issue of hunger: around the corner from where you live to around the world.

The local agencies we donate 25% of the proceeds to are:

Cluster Tutoring Program
Forest Park Food Pantry
Housing Forward
OPRF Food Pantry
Pine Avenue Food Pantry
Proviso Food Pantry
St. Eulalia Quinn Center Food Pantry

Cluster Tutoring Program: CROP funds purchase nutritious snacks for Austin students, grades K-12, who meet weekly during the school year with a trained volunteer tutor.

Forest Park Food Pantry: CROP funds help stock the pantry with food. Located in the Forest Park Community Center, this pantry is supported 100% by free-will donations and the CROP Walk.

Housing Forward: In 2014, provided a total of 543 clients with 12,765 nights of shelter services and 38,295 meals.

OPRF Food Pantry: CROP funds help stock the pantry with food the year around.

Pine Avenue Food Pantry: CROP funds help buy food for the pantry. This pantry serves an area in Austin where no other food pantry is available.

Proviso Food Pantry: CROP funds help with the purchase and pick-up of food and other supplies. They provide food aid Saturday mornings for registered families coming from the entire Proviso township. (Over 100 per week).

St. Eulalia Quinn Center Food Pantry: CROP funds are used for the purchase and delivery of food and supplies for pantry operating 3 afternoons a week. In 2008 they provided food or holiday food to over 1200 families.

Become part of the solution in helping people receive much needed food for their family.  Join us Sunday, May 1, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.  You can and do make a difference.


Your Steps Make a Difference

Crop Walk Check Presentation 2016

A sandwich shop owner in Forest Park said that he doesn’t buy all his vegetables from one vendor. By “not putting all his eggs in one basket,” so to speak, if one vendor goes out of business, he already has another in place who can take up the slack. If one starts providing less than acceptable produce, he has an alternative.

The CROP Hunger Walk known as Hunger Walkathon West—centered in Oak Park, River Forest, Forest Park and Austin—gave Housing Forward a check for $3,000 in 2015, which was especially helpful since the gridlock in Springfield over the budget has prevented the PADS emergency shelter program from receiving $38,000, which is 22 percent of its annual budget.

The gift from CROP is less than 10% of the revenue shortfall, but its significance is important. If Housing Forward put all its eggs in the basket called the State of Illinois or the Federal Government, its revenue stream could be affected in major ways. The CROP Walk donates 25% of the money it raises on the first Sunday of every May to local agencies like Housing Forward, which allows the agency to diversify its funding, so that when one stream dries up, others can help fund the work until other sources are found or the dried up stream starts flowing again.

What’s more, the diversification of funding makes both Democrats and Republicans happy, because it combines sources of revenue from both the public and private sectors.

The PADS program is made possible by 1000 volunteers. The CROP Walk involves 400 walkers. Who is right: the Republicans who want the government to remain small or the Democrats who want the government to do even more?   When Springfield (aka Madigan and Rauner) get its act together, the funding for PADS will back where it should be: i.e., some eggs in the government basket and some in the one called private citizens and foundations.

By Tom Holmes

Join us on the walk on May 1, 2016 to continue the work to assist people here and around the world.  Sign-up today, click this link.

Thank You

As we approach Christmas Eve and the end of the year; we wish all of the people who have helped on the CROP Hunger Walk; who have followed us on Facebook, Twitter and this Blog; who care about the issue of hunger: a most joyous holiday season.

Whether your are Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Secular, all of you who walk make a difference in the lives of our fellow citizens.

In 2016 we plan on more information about the walk and those whom we help.

The following photographs are some the presentation of the money you helped raise for some of our local agencies.

Thank you



16 Days until the CROP Hunger Walk

DSC_7113One of the results of the CROP Hunger Walk is the ability to provide 25% of what we raised to local agencies.  This is just one of the 8 local agencies we were able to give a check to help their efforts in the community.

Here we present a check this past year to Gabe Lara, Director of  St. Eulalia Quinn Center Food Pantry with staff and recipients of their good work in providing food to them.

Ending Hunger One Step At A Time is our tag line but it also what provides these funds.

Please join us May 3, 2015 to make a difference of the lives of our neighbors and people around the world.

100 Mile Walk Passed Through Oak Park Today

It was a pleasure to meet Maurice A. Bloem, V.P. of Church World Service on his walk today through Oak Park.  Several of the CROP Hunger Walk team met with him this morning and visited 2 food pantries, Oak Park River Forest Food Pantry and Forest Park Food Pantry.


Maurice has been posting his blog throughout his walk, so click on the blog link to learn more about his journey and dedication to Women’s Empowerment.  Please support him through a donation toward his goal of his courageous 100 mile walk.

We all support his efforts to make the issue of hunger known throughout the region.


Hunger is a ‘silent crisis’ in the USA

Food Line Homeless HungryHunger in America continues to be a real issue.  The CROP Hunger Walk gives 25% of the money raised to local agencies that help the hungry.

A USA today article points to the ‘silent crisis’ of hunger in this country.  We have seen the good work out local agencies do in providing either food and/or shelter for people who have a real need.

As a reminder, these local agencies are:

Agencies We Support 2014One of the agencies, Cluster Tutoring Program, states: “Most students do not eat dinner before the early-evening session. Snacks help improve their concentration, and also help them learn about healthy food choices.”

Several of the local agencies have websites and some are on social media.  See our Recipients page on our website for their links. Follow them on social media to see how they champion the cause to help end hunger.

The walk is over but our support and their presence in the community is worth your continued support.